Audit My Ship is a dynamic inspection tool for assessing, reporting on, and improving the physical condition, operation, and safety performance of vessels.

Based on Client Specified Requirements and highest industry standards adding value beyond the inspections and helping our clients see around the corner.

Reliable and scalable data-driven decisions related to unique data collection based on dynamic questionnaires allowing objective comparison and condition-based evaluation of the vessel against its related regulations and standards and providing grading scores for each peer group and overall score calculation for the vessel.


Platform Features

High Quality online vessel assurance for today shipping industry

Customized vessel’s audits, inspections & reports as per clients need
Custom designed for specific client risk focus model
Independent safety verification, reporting, and rectification.
Cloud base with Realtime information Online 24/7 secure access
Inspection Scheduling and follow up
Inspection App with dynamic questionnaires, guidance, attachments and photos


Auditmyship.com benefits different stakeholders in the maritime domain:


Financial Institutions

Banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and investment companies


Detailed conditions and vetting inspections for charterers and commodities traders

Terminal Operators

Highlighting critical risk prior to berthing standardized to terminal requirements

Vessel Managers

Independent assurance of safety, technical and environmental compliance